Chrissy Lopez-Cotaina

Middle and High School Spanish Teacher

Chrissy is a graduate of Bridgewater College with a BA in Spanish. Chissy joined BRCS in 2009 and has had two children attend the school.


Marta Podgayskiy

Lower School Spanish Teacher

Marta is a graduate of Bridgewater College with a BS in Elementary Education. Marta is trilingual and has two children attending BRCS. She began teaching at BRCS in 2016.


Vanessa Manson

Library Media Specialist

Vanessa is a graduate of James Madison University with a Master of Education in Library Media and a BA in Mass Communication. Vanessa joined BRCS in 2015 and has had four children attend.

Riley Maas

Drama Director

Riley is an accounting major from Thomas Edison State University with a passion for teaching and the world of theater. She co-taught theater at ACE Homeschool Co-op, and performed in local productions of My Fair Lady and Newsies. Riley joined BRCS in 2019.


Stephanie Pellerin

Art Teacher

Stephanie is a graduate of Eastern Mennonite University with a BS in Art Education. She joined BRCS in 2015 and is the mom of one BRCS student.


Susan Brent

Fashion Design and Resource Teacher

Susan in a graduate of Longwood College and the National School of Dress Design. She is certified as a Technical Professional in Dress Design. Susan joined BRCS in 2014.


Christy Goehner

Resource Director and Middle School Math Teacher

Christy is a graduate of James Madison University with a M.Ed in Middle School Education, and a BS in Psychology.


Elisabeth Heine

Resource Teacher

Elisabeth is a graduate of George Mason University and holds a BA in Integrative Studies with a concentration in Elementary Education and a Masters of Teaching in Elementary Education from Western Governors University. She joined BRCS in 2017.


Tara Hostetler

Resource Teacher

Tara is a graduate of James Madison University, with a BS in Psychology and Minor in Special Education. Tara joined BRCS in 1998.


Jenn Jellum

Resource Teacher

Jen holds a M.Ed. from James Madison University in Early Childhood Education, along with a BS in Family and Child Development from Virginia Tech. Jenn joined BRCS in 2013 and is the parent of an alumna.