Creative Arts

Creative arts are an important area of exploration for BRCS students. All students are in music classes from PK-8th grade with additional enrichment opportunities in High school. Private piano lessons, worship team, drama class, art classes, and theater productions provide more creative arts options. We also encourage the students to hone in their talents through music festivals and theater competitions.


The mission of the BRCS music department is to provide a Christ-centered, sequential curriculum that enables students to discover, develop, and demonstrate their God-given talents so they will seek excellence in worship and have a lifelong appreciation for music. All students are part of the music department through 8th grade. Music becomes optional electives in high school.

Offerings include:

  • Choir, Handbells and Chimes, Worship Team, Piano, Private Lessons


Beginning in elementary school, BRCS art students learn to enhance God-given talents as a gift unto the Lord. They create using line, color, texture, balance, shape, and form, and gain an appreciation of art in many different forms while working with different media. Students also study different artists and learn to critique using art vocabulary.


Drama is a form of storytelling which, when effective, can have a lasting impact emotionally and even spiritually on the audience. God has given many gifts and talents to fulfill the Great Commission…drama is one!

Past Performances