BRCS is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International, the largest Christian School organization in the world.


The BRCS High School works to mentor each student and shepherd them toward their God given gifts, and to raise up Christian leaders who will not conform to the world, but will seek to transform the world for Christ. We believe that each student is a gift from God.

Why Choose Christian Education?

Academic knowledge void of God’s teaching through Scripture does not create the caliber of individuals and thinkers who can positively impact a culture rapidly spinning out of control. Christian schooling is about the effort not only to pursue academics but also to embed them in a framework of biblical thinking that spiritually forms, reforms, and transforms.

Ken Smitherman, Association of Christian Schools International

From our Head of School

Mrs. Shomo's Blog

Academic Highlights

Part of our mission at BRCS is to “provide a biblically-based educational program that … emphasizes academic excellence.” This week, I want to highlight some wonderful examples of academic excellence among our students.