A Balanced Program

It is our goal that children who attend the Blue Ridge Christian School Preschool receive the following:

  • A positive, Christ-centered experience as they begin their education.

  • A well-balanced academic and social experience with biblical integration.

  • Activities based on sound early childhood developmental practices.

  • Exploratory options through music, prayer, arts and crafts, Spanish, playtime and story time.

Play Based Learning

Preschoolers are curious! Field trips, performances, and community service are integrated in our program as children discover and interact with the world around them.

Academic Development

Thematic Lessons Teachers create thematic lessons to engage each student. For the letter A, activities might include:

  • Letter A writing and sound recognition Surveying and graphing favorite apples

  • Exploring and constructing ant habitats and conducting science experiments

  • Bible lessons on Genesis 1-3, Adam and Eve, with Bible memory work and songs

Cross-grade Leaders

Reading Buddies Preschoolers pair up with first graders to enjoy stories and fun together. All preschoolers love read aloud time with their buddies!

Meet all of our preschool teachers and staff.

BRCS offers a two to five day Pre-K program with half-day or full-day options for children from three to five years old.

Drop off is between 8:15 and 8:30. Half-day students are picked up at 11:45am and full-day students are picked up at 2:45pm. Pricing information for Before and After Care

*Enrollment is required for each year