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We believe it is essential to teach students to use technology effectively and responsibly, in order to solve problems and be prepared for college level academics and the jobs of the future.

Technology and Learning

BRCS makes use of Google Apps for Education, which provides online word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications. Technology classes meet weekly for 4th through 7th grade, with electives available for middle and high school. Students accounts are restricted from communicating outside of the school community until the high school level, and website filtering is in place on each campus. A biblical ethic is emphasized for all online communication, research and presentation.

Beginning in 3rd grade, students receive instruction in keyboarding, proper use of online resources, and presentation software. Computer projects are integrated into the core curriculum and help the students reflect on what they are learning in other subjects.

In middle school students work to improve their keyboarding while also learning to use spreadsheets, drawing applications, online databases, and tackling design challenges. The middle school technology elective covers video editing and 3D printing. High school electives incorporate keyboarding, web design, online research, 3D printing, and graphic design, and well as the ethical issues of copyright and communication.