Middle School at Blue Ridge Christian School offers excellence in the classroom with a wholesome environment. The students work in an environment of trust where they are challenged academically and prepared for the transition to high school.  Students learn and apply Christian principles through problem solving, and gain an understanding of a biblical world view that is applicable to their lives. In addition to the academic courses, the students continue growth in Bible, Spanish, Technology, Music, Art and PE.  Key events include the Science Fair, Math Olympics, Samaritan’s Purse service trip, Middle School retreat and the 8th grade class trip to Washington D.C.

Middle School Bible establishes students soundly in the Word of God and its application to their own lives. From the study of Proverbs, Acts, and individual disciples, students will recognize the importance of church and family and the need to respect authority. They learn to reflect Christ in interpersonal relationships and recognize that God has a plan for each of them.

In Spanish, the students learn in a fun and engaging way through conversation and active involvement. They learn the same way they learned their first language; by listening, observing objects and and actions, and then responding. Students are given the opportunity to build their vocabulary through the use of flashcards, phrases, and stories; learning how to see, hear, and speak Spanish.

In middle school Computer class, students work to develop keyboarding skills and gain an understanding of the Google Applications for Education environment, with creative projects that incorporate documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

6th Grade – Academic Overview

7th Grade – Academic Overview

8th Grade – Academic Overview