Annual Fund: Banquet Pledges and Gifts

What does it mean to be Children of Issachar (1 Chronicles 12:32)? In this short video, BRCS student Jonathan Williams (Class of 2022) shares his perspective on how BRCS cultivates children of Issachar in our present generation. He also asks for your support.

People: Scholarship Fund

Our first and foremost commitment is to our people: the students, teachers and families who are the heartbeat of our school. Many of our students are able to benefit from a BRCS education because of our scholarship fund. This year, the fund supports 40 families, representing 74 students. Gifts to our scholarship fund are truly life changing.

Places: Capital Improvements Fund

In August, we opened our high school at our new Dayton campus. Generous donors provided all the resources we needed to purchase the building debt free. Students and teachers are thriving in this beautiful new space. We are developing short and long-term capital improvement plans that will include targeted renovations of the Dayton (Upper School) and Bridgewater (Lower School) campuses. Our goal will be to preserve the best features of both places while enhancing and upgrading their functionality.

Programs: Annual Fund

BRCS offers programs that cultivate in our students an integrated life – one that is joyfully and intentionally integrated with scriptural truth. We see this lived out all aspects of our program: academics, the arts, and athletics. As we grow, the possibilities for God-honoring programs will multiply. We envision increased academic offerings in the sciences and the arts, enhanced library media centers at both campuses, greater leadership opportunities for students, impactful professional development for teachers, and expanded athletic programs and facilities.
We remember how excited we were last year to raise $35,000 and we made that our goal for 2021. We knew we had some amazing donor matches but we could not have predicted this outcome. We finished 323% of our goal and received $5,750 in prizes! So in all, we raised $113,125 plus $5,750 in awards for a grand total of $118,875!
To those who called, texted, emailed, met in parking lots, and came by the offices, you are an encouragement! How amazing it is to see so many come together for our entire community. As one of our donors said, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.” It truly is beautiful to see so many people love so deeply and generously.
I know we keep saying it, but we cannot thank you enough. The
 school is growing and thriving and with that comes more needs in the areas of student scholarship, facility improvements, and resources. What a gift this day is in the lives of our families, faculty, and over 345 students on the roster for the fall.
More information will be released regarding the financial goals for these funds.
We pray a blessing over each of you!
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Matching Gifts

Would you like to increase and possibly double the value of your gifts to Blue Ridge Christian School? Does your company have a matching gift program?  Would BRCS qualify under your company’s matching gift guidelines? Please check with your company’s Accounting Office.

Partner with Purpose

Our business partnerships are an essential part of our school’s success. Business Partnership packages are available. Consider joining with us today!

Tax Credit Program

In addition to a 65% tax credit, individuals and businesses can also receive a deduction for a charitable contribution, and therefore achieve tax savings in two ways –

  1.  For the year of the donation, the donor may take a deduction against net income as a charitable donation on both their federal and state income taxes. The tax reduction equals the contribution amount times the tax rate of the applicable tax (federal or state).
  2.  For the year following the donation, the donor may take a credit against Virginia taxes. Tax reduction equals 65 percent of the amount of the donation. Credit is non-transferable. Credit may not exceed the tax liability but may be carried over for five succeeding years.

Contact Amy Good for more details, 540-828-2233

You may also contribute to Blue Ridge Christian School, a 501(c) corporation, by mailing your gift to the following address:

Blue Ridge Christian School
P.O. Box 207
Bridgewater, VA 22812