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Printable Copy – Elementary Computer – Responsible Use Policy

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Dear Parents,

The following guidelines are in place to help students develop responsible use of computers and internet resources. These guidelines will be discussed at an age appropriate level with each computer class.

All elementary computer use at BRCS is supervised by a teacher. BRCS uses a web filter on all student computers that have Internet access. The expense of a filter is worth the protection of your children from inappropriate online content. Even with a filter, however, it is impossible to control all material for every student. Responsible Internet habits, like all habits, must be learned. Wise stewardship both at home and at school are the best combination. If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to establish rules for Internet use at home. Feel free to use the guidelines set out in these policies as a basis for your own standards. Use of the Internet is a privilege, not a right. Students who demonstrate consistent irresponsibility or who abuse policy will be subject to disciplinary action.

Two dangers most worrisome to parents (and school personnel) are pornography and chat rooms. A filter program, such as the one we use, is a critical starting point to ensure a wholesome experience. Placing every computer in a common room with screens generally visible is another safeguard. Checking the history periodically is also a good idea. Remember that a thorough check requires examining each browser you have installed, such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Consider installing a free filter called K9 Web Protection by Blue Coat. (

Suggestions to parents include establishing reasonable time limits on your child’s computer and internet time and teaching your child safe surfing habits. Homework and research should always take priority over games and entertainment. If your child has a mobile phone or other device, that is another area to establish a family policy regarding texting, passwords, time limits, etc.

If a student is not following the rules for computer use, they will receive a verbal warning and may be directed to turn off the computer for the rest of the class period.

If there are serious and/or repeating offenses, there will be a verbal warning, a note will be sent to parents and a discipline report will be sent to the Head of School. The Head of School will contact parents and determine further action to be taken.

Please note, as young people are learning to use online resources responsibly, there may be occasion to temporarily suspend an account in order to prevent a situation from escalating. In addition to the procedures list here, BRCS reserves the right to suspend accounts based upon the suspicion of misuse.

  • When working on the computer, I will stay on the correct screen and will not try to look at other programs or websites.
  • I will not try to use anyone else’s name or password.
  • I will not make, send or view anything that uses bad language.
  • I will not type or send anything that could hurt or harass others.
  • I will not send personal information about myself or other students.
  • If I have any questions, or if anything makes me uncomfortable, I will ask my teacher right away.
  • If I accidently view something inappropriate, I will tell my teacher immediately so that he/she will be able to prevent it in the future.
  • If my teachers directs me to stop any activity or close any website or software program, I will comply immediately.
  • I will NOT copy or download work and call it my own.
  • I will NOT do anything to damage any computer, monitor, keyboard, printer, wiring, software etc. on purpose.

I will respect and honor the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • I will act in a way that glorifies God when I am online or working on the computer. I will ask myself, “What would Jesus want me to do?”