BRCS Mission Statement

BRCS Mission Statement

What defines BRCS? What frameworks define who we are and what we aim to accomplish at our school?  BRCS has foundational documents that direct our work across all aspects of our school program. Over the next several weeks, I’d like to share more about these documents and illustrate how they are intentionally lived out at our school.

Today, let’s start with the BRCS mission statement, written in 1990 by our founding Board of Directors:
To assist parents and evangelical churches by providing a biblically-based educational program that instills a whole-hearted love of the Lord Jesus Christ, develops Godly character, and emphasizes academic excellence. 

The mission statement appears in many venues throughout BRCS and our community: in every classroom, in our family handbooks, at events like corporation meetings and Grandparents Day, and in public forums like our website and our quarterly newsletters. A briefer version of the mission appears on our letterhead:  “Loving God, Cultivating Character, Pursuing Academic Excellence”.  The mission states our purpose.  It identifies BRCS as a school that is founded on the cornerstone a three-fold partnership: we join hands with parents and churches to raise up students who love and serve the Lord.  It recognizes the primacy of parents and churches in the education of children. It also describes the uniqueness of the education we provide, one that is deeply rooted in Biblical truth.

The mission statement also defines three critical goals that shape the BRCS educational experience for all children.  First, we aim to “instill a whole-hearted love of the Lord Jesus Christ” in our students.  We pursue that goal in many ways:  our chapel program, class devotions, Bible memory work and Prayer Buddies, for example.  Second, we aim to “develop Godly character” in our students.  Student leadership opportunities, middle and high school spur groups, and conflict resolution between students are just a few of the means that we use to cultivate students’ Godly character.  Finally, we “emphasize academic excellence.”  We ensure academic excellence by offering a rigorous K-12 curriculum, instruction that equips students to think critically and creatively across all subject areas, and research-based professional development for teachers.

The examples I’ve shared are just a few of the many ways we are a mission-driven school.  I welcome your feedback on how you have seen the BRCS mission lived out at our school.