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Printable Copy Middle and High School Responsible Use Policy

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I understand that the use of BRCS computer, network, and internet resources is a privilege that includes rules to be followed and warnings to be understood. Both on and off campus;

I will respect myself, my classmates and my teacher.

I will understand that academic work is my top priority, and I will stay on task, rather than visiting unauthorized sites, emailing, chatting, social media, etc.
I will NOT access another student’s private files.
I will NOT create, view, or forward profanity or any offensive or disruptive text, image or sound.
I will NOT use technology to take or post online any image, recording or video of any student or teacher without their knowledge or consent.
I will NOT share my password with others or ask others to share their passwords.
I will NOT use technology to harass others, or to store offensive or inappropriate materials.
I will NEVER give information about myself, my family, school or other students over the internet. This includes full names, photographs, addresses, phone numbers, the name and location of the school, where parents work, etc.
If I have any questions, or if anything makes me uncomfortable, I will ask my teacher right away.
If I accidently view something inappropriate, I will tell my teacher immediately so that he/she will be able to prevent it in the future.
If my teachers directs me to stop any activity or close any website or software program, I will comply immediately.

I will respect the law.

I will NOT copy or download work and call it my own.
I will always give proper credit to the author for words or images I include in my work.

I will respect the equipment and resources.

I will NOT do anything to damage any computer, monitor, keyboard, printer, wiring, software etc. on purpose.
I will NEVER try things that I am not trained or permitted to do.
I will NOT use printers without permission or in a wasteful manner.

I will respect Blue Ridge Christian School.

I understand that all student work stored on school equipment and in Google Drive or other apps belongs to the school and may be accessed by school personnel.
I understand that these rules apply not just to my use of BRCS resources, but also to use of my own equipment, including USB drives, mobile phones and other devices.

I will respect and honor the Lord Jesus Christ.

I will act in a way that glorifies God when I am online or working on the computer. I will ask myself, “What would Jesus want me to do?”