Becca Stables

Becca Stables

First Grade Teacher

Becca is a graduate of James Madison University with a major in art and a minor in K-12 Education. Becca and her family served as missionaries in Scotland prior to her teaching at BRCS.

First Grade is a pivotal year for children.  They are become more self aware, curious, and independent. First Grade is when the important building blocks of Kindergarten are being used to create some amazing things.  Their comprehension in Reading and Math grows tremendously in this grade.  Students also are able to retain much of what they do at this age. That is why hands on learning is very important component of our year.  We learn, see, do, and do again.  Ongoing assessments are key to understanding where students start and how they have grown.  Our literature-rich classroom and focused instruction allows students to progress at their developmentally appropriate pace.

Science and Social Studies are two ways that students get to explore and learn about the world around them.  From the five senses to using a map key, they will learn about important people in history and how God intricately designed our surroundings.  They come in the morning excited to learn and leave with tired smiles.  Handwriting is another important past of their days.  As their fine motor skills improve, they also learn how to control line into letters, words, and then sentences.  By the end of First Grade we have beginner writers who are solid communicators.

One of my favorite parts of the day is when we get to sit down and read and talk about a story from the Bible.  This is also a time where we recognize all the ways that God is working in the past and now.  We understand we are a small link in the chain, but that God uses even the smallest link to do some amazing things.  We are encouraged and stretched during these special carpet times.

First Grade has several fun field trips, including:  Apple Orchard, Children’s Museum in Harrisonburg, You Made It, and Natural Chimneys!

First Grade is one of my favorite stages because children have big hearts and big minds in such small bodies.  I look at each face and try to picture all the ways they will grow in the years ahead and change the world around them.  They will grow so much in one year.  What an honor to be part of that process.



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