BRCS Vision

A few weeks ago, I used this space to review the BRCS mission statement, one of the foundational documents that direct the work across all aspects of our school program.  Today I’d like to discuss with you the BRCS vision.
The BRCS vision reads as follows:
BRCS envisions being the school of choice in the Shenandoah Valley, with students who are passionate about their faith, prepared to articulate and defend the Christian worldview, and who influence their communities and vocations for Christ and His glory.

You’ll find our vision in many venues throughout BRCS and our community:  family handbooks, at major school events, and in public forums like our website and quarterly newsletters.  It’s often one of the first things a prospective family will ask about during a school tour.

Our mission and vision work hand-in-hand: our mission states our purpose, and our vision extends that purpose into the future.  The vision was approved by the Parent Corporation and adopted by our Board of Directors in 2015, as our newly relaunched high school was completing its first year.  In casting a vision as BRCS as a school of excellence, we were holding ourselves to an ever-higher standard in all aspects of our program. To become “the school of choice in the Valley” requires commitment, unity and a growth mindset among all BRCS constituents.

The vision further defines what will set apart BRCS graduates – what will be truly distinctive about students whose Christian formation was profoundly impacted by BRCS.  First, those students will be “passionate about their faith”.  Class and athletic team devotions, Bible memory work, mentoring groups and Prayer Buddies exemplify ways that BRCS helps students develop a love for Jesus Christ, which is also essential to our mission.  Second, those students would be “prepared to articulate and defend the Christian worldview.”  Intentional integration of Biblical principles across the entire curriculum trains our students in truly integrated thinking, where the Bible is their standard for living and learning. Developmentally appropriate frameworks for understanding and applying Christian apologetics are a key component of all Bible classes, with a particular focus in 5th, 8th and 12th grades.  Finally, those students would “influence their communities and vocations for Christ and His glory.”  In a culture that is entirely dis-integrated, students who are secure in their identity as Christ-followers and who view all truth as God’s truth are able to securely and winsomely draw others to Christ.

The BRCS vision took on special meaning when we graduated the Class of 2018 last June.  We were sending out those 16 young men and women, many of whom had attended BRCS for their entire K-12 education, into the world to live out the vision.  My prayer for them, and for each present and future student, is that the BRCS experience, in partnership with their parents and their churches, truly shaped them to be world-changers for Christ.