Back to School

Welcome to the 2019-20 school year at BRCS! I’ve always loved this time of the year – it is bursting with energy, fresh starts, and great anticipation for all the new school year will hold.We’ve had a great first week at both campuses. Your students are handling the many transitions that the new school year brings with patience, flexibility and good humor. 

The week before school began, as we do every August, the BRCS faculty and staff gathered to launch our year. We worship and pray together, seeking God’s blessing and direction for our ministry. This year, I asked our faculty and staff to consider their purpose and calling as part of the BRCS community. I asked them to define their “why” – specifically, why they chose Christian education as their profession. Faculty and staff wrote their “why” statements on post-it notes, so they had to be brief and concise. Those post-it notes are now on a piece of large chart paper in my office, and they will inspire me all year. 


Here is a sample of “why” the BRCS faculty and staff have committed to Christian education:


“I am a Christian educator because I want the opportunity to teach more than just content. I can help students grow in their faith and watch them become a light to those around them.”


“To share my faith, glorify God, and raise up a generation of young people with a Biblical worldview who will be on fire for God.”


“God is integral to my content. I cannot teach well unless He is celebrated!”


“To inspire students to live fully and joyfully for Christ in everything they do!” 


“I am in Christian education because I want to partner with others, to passionately share God’s goodness boldly as we teach and train our students to know and love the Lord – not just know about Him.”


These “why” statements reflect the heart of all BRCS faculty and staff. They pour Christ-centered truth and grace into our students’ lives every day, in their intentional teaching, shepherding and relating. As the parent of a 10th grader, I am profoundly grateful for the impact of many BRCS staff on my son’s life. 


So, as we begin the year together, join me in seeking God’s blessing over the BRCS faculty and staff this year. Pray for them to be filled with the wisdom, patience and peace of Christ as they teach every student in their care. Pray for abundant joy as they serve the BRCS community.