Student Testimonies:  God at Work

Student Testimonies: God at Work

We’ve used this column space in the past to talk about our chapel program.  It’s a precious time where the school family gathers to worship, hear from local pastors and missionaries, or enjoy prayer buddies or Bible study sessions.  Elementary and middle school chapels are held on Wednesday mornings; high school chapels are held on Thursday mornings.

Yesterday, our K-8 chapel plans changed at the last minute. Our scheduled speaker was ill and had to reschedule. The Lord redeemed the time in a beautiful way.  I invited students to share what the Lord has been teaching them this year at BRCS.  What happened next was an incredible testimony to His power at work in our children.

Several elementary students came forward bravely and talked about what they are learning in their Bible classes.  We heard testimonies about the patience of Job, God’s power in breaking down the walls around Jericho, and the generosity of the widow who gave her two coins to the temple treasury.  God is hiding His word in the hearts of our children.

For the middle school chapel (grades 5-8), I challenged the students to share a personal testimony about what God has been teaching them this year.  I began the sharing with my own testimony of how the Lord is leading me to deeper reliance on Him as I lead our school.  Parents, you would have been moved to tears by the response of our courageous and forthright young people.  Twelve students came to the microphone and spoke powerful truth.  God has met our students in mighty ways!

One shared about how God has taught her to release control of her academics and to trust Him more.  Another shared a Bible verse that the Lord is using to challenge his priorities and focus.  One student talked about how he is learning to trust God more through the health issues of a dear family member.  Another talked about how God has used scriptural truth​ and his teachers’ support​ to help him overcome anxiety. We ended middle school chapel with small group prayer, bringing our concerns to our Heavenly Father and praising Him for His work in our lives.  It was a powerful time, one that I pray will bear much fruit in our students’ lives. It’s such a privilege to witness Kingdom building through our students’ testimonies.  Join me in thanking God for these anointed chapels yesterday!


Karen Shomo
Head of School