Prayer Buddies

Prayer Buddies

The mission of BRCS is to “assist parents and evangelical churches to by providing a biblically-based educational program that instills a whole-hearted love of the Lord Jesus Christ, develops Godly character, and emphasizes academic excellence.”  Our mission statement was created by our founding families in 1990 and continues to serve a guide to our Board, administration and faculty. Our goal is to align our administrative and instructional decisions with this mission.  

Our weekly chapels are one of the primary ways we focus the first two components of our mission:  instilling a whole-hearted love of Christ and developing Godly character.  This week’s K-8 chapel featured Prayer Buddies.   For our new families, and as a refresher for all of us, let me share with you a glimpse into what Prayer Buddies looks like at BRCS.

The purpose of Prayer Buddies is to give our 8th grade (and some 7th grade) students the opportunity to cultivate their spiritual leadership gifts.  The leaders are each assigned to a group of 9-10 younger students who become their “prayer buddies” for the year.   Prayer Buddies meet monthly to get to know one another, to study the Bible together in age-appropriate ways, and to share individual and school-wide prayer requests.  Each leader also maintains a prayer journal for his or her group, so we can see how God is answering prayer.  Each month, the leaders meet with me to discuss the upcoming lesson, to brainstorm ways to connect with their buddies, and to pray over their groups.

Yesterday, all of our Prayer Buddies met in the gym for a worship time, led by our Middle School Worship Team.  Then each group headed to their assigned classroom to enjoy their time together.  It was such a blessing to walk through the building and see these 7th and 8th graders serving their groups as they discussed the purpose of prayer.  A nervous kindergartener sat close by her leader so she’d feel more at ease meeting many new students.  An eager 4th grader paged through his Bible to find a verse in Luke and read it to his group.  All of the groups prayed for BRCS.  

We can’t wait to see how God will move in these Prayer Buddies groups this school year!  What a wonderful part of the BRCS heritage for our children.   Be sure to ask your child more about his or her Prayer Buddies sessions, and for our parents of the leaders, please encourage your child in his or her leadership gifts.  


Karen Shomo
Head of School