March Madness

March Madness

2018 BRCS March Madness

Welcome to BRCS Sports League, an outreach of Blue Ridge Christian School. Our mission is to provide positive, healthy sports opportunities to high school students, particularly those who do not play on a high school team. We seek to honor God in all we do and therefore will work hard to encourage good sportsmanship and good competition. The March Madness Basketball Leagues will begin on March 5th and end on April 20th. These leagues are only for 7th-12th grade boys or girls under the age of 19. The cost of joining March Madness is $55 per player and includes a team t-shirt. We suggest a roster of 6-8 players for each team. Individuals may sign up without a team organized and we will work with them to put them on a team. Registration begins January 15th and payment must be submitted at the BRCS office by February 15th.

To Do List:
1. All liability forms must be turned in before participation.
2. All registration fees must be paid before participation.
3. Bring own t-shirts until League shirts come in.
4. You are responsible for your own hydration. (come prepared)
5. Last teams playing will be responsible for gym clean-up.

Rules and Regulations:
1. Be on time!
2. No foul language!
3. Show sportsmanship at all times!
4. Play Team Ball!

Game Rules:
1. Two 20 minute halves with running clock (except last minute of 1st half and last two minutes of 2nd half)

2. On the floor fouls count as one point. Shoot foul counts as two, a made shot with foul counts as three.
3. In the last 2 minutes teams will actually shoot foul shots if in the bonus or if there is a shooting foul.
4. Halftime is 5 min.
5. First overtime is 2 min. Clock stopping and shooting fouls.
6. Double overtime is 1 min. Clock stopping with shooting fouls.
7. Each team has 2 – 30 second time-outs total for the game.

Read carefully – There are TWO parts to registration.

  1. Fill out the form on this page. Make sure you hit the submit button.
  2. Then, if you have not made payment to the school office, use the PayPal button to complete your registration.