Eric Codding

Eric Codding

Upper School Principal

Eric is a graduate of Wheaton College, with a BA in Ancient Languages and an MA in Theological Studies.

Dear Families,

G.K. Chesterton once remarked that “The point of opening the mind, like that of opening the mouth, is to close it again on something solid.” Blue Ridge Christian School was founded not only on “something solid,” but on what we take to be the most solid thing, namely, Jesus Christ. Our mission is to partner with parents and churches (currently more than 70 churches in our local area) to offer a biblically grounded education that “instills a whole-hearted love of the Lord Jesus Christ, develops Godly character, and emphasizes academic excellence.”

Though only a few years old, our high school is already a remarkable place—due in large measure, I believe, to a solid mission that puts first things first and to a community which seeks to faithfully embody this mission. If you come to visit, I think you’ll be struck by an overall sense of joy among our students and faculty. We are united by a desire to learn and grow. We are not merely training young people to one day “get a job”—we are cultivating worthy loves within our students. St. Augustine said that God made us for himself and that our hearts are restless until they find their rest in him. Christian education done well answers the restlessness and anxieties of our own age by reminding us of the purposes for which we were made—to love God and others—and by preparing and equipping us to flesh out our loves in meaningful work and service.

To this end, our course of study in the high school includes the full range of expected classes with honors opportunities in core subjects. Christian faith is thoughtfully integrated across our curriculum, and Bible classes allow an opportunity for a fuller engagement with Scripture and matters of faith and formation. This engagement extends to Chapel which meets on Thursday mornings and also provides an essential space for corporate worship. We offer a wide variety of electives, presently including choir, guitar, art, logic, fashion design, cooking, yearbook and LEGO Robotics.

It would be a joy to partner with you in the education of your son or daughter. I hope you’ll come and visit, as I would love to meet you in person and share more about God’s good work at BRCS.


Eric S. Codding
High School Principal


Lower School Phone: (540) 828-2233
Upper School Phone: (540) 689-0082



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