Elementary classes at Blue Ridge Christian School bring forth a higher level of reasoning skills, a love and appreciation of God’s creation, and the ability to express thoughts clearly and creatively. Through hands-on experiences and experiments the students gain a deeper understanding of all academic courses, Bible, Spanish, technology, music, and art through a biblical world view.

Elementary Bible, grades 1-5, includes memorization and basic Bible stories, a walk through the life of Moses and other significant Bible characters, a study of how the stories of the Old Testament fit together as a pattern, and a study of the life of Christ and God’s plan for our salvation. Grades 1-5 create the biblical basis for a deeper understanding of God and his plan for our lives.

In Conversational Spanish, the students will learn Spanish in a fun and engaging way through conversation and active involvement. Students will learn Spanish the same way they learned their first language; by listening, seeing the object, observing language and actions, and then responding. They will be given the opportunity to build their vocabulary through the use of flashcards, phrases, and stories. Students will learn how to see, hear, and speak Spanish. Once the vocabulary is acquired, students will create phrases to use in conversational Spanish.

Technology Class gives students an overview of the responsible use of information, safe and effective online searching, presentation software, desktop publishing and keyboarding applications.