A Season of Thanks

Thanksgiving is here, and this season brings many beloved traditions for our school family. ​Last Friday was​ our annual Thanksgiving Feast at the Bridgewater campus. ​Devoted parents ​decorated tables and set out abundant food.​ Children ​(and their teachers!) ​dressed as Pilgrims or Native Americans. Grandparents ​served turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. We all ​gathered​ around tables to sing,​ pray, eat and celebrate together. Every year, the feast is ​a picture of all that is so precious and valued here at BRCS.

I asked a handful of children and teachers to share one thing they are grateful for in this Thanksgiving season. Here’s a sample of their responses:

  • God’s love
  • Friends and family and books
  • ​My children
  • ​The ability to worship God freely
  • God’s salvation, that Jesus died on the cross
  • ​My mom and dad
  • My job at BRCS
  • That we can come to school and talk about God

​I heartily agree with that whole beautiful list. Here’s one item of my own: my gratitude for the partnership that BRCS has with our families.  It’s an enormous blessing to come alongside like-minded parents to educate our children for God’s glory.

I pray your Thanksgiving holiday with your family will be a wonderful time of celebrating all of God’s good and perfect gifts! Happy Thanksgiving!